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Mashed Datatoes visualizations for neo4j was created in March 2015. The database used then was, neo4j version 2.1.2.

In May 2021, Mashed Datatoes was upgraded for the latest versions of the neo4j graph database.

Mashed Datatoes visualizations can be saved and shared in a JSON format.

Technology stack and useful links.
Back end Java 8, JSP 2.3 and Servlets 3.1.0
Application server Eclipse jetty 9.3.0
Neo4j Driver API Java Driver 4.2
Neo4j Rest Driver Neo4j Rest GraphDB 2.0.1 (for older versions)
Front end HTML 5, Bootstrap 4.5, jQuery 3.5.1
Graphs visualizations c3js Javascript library based on d3js.
Useful links Example neo4j graph data-sets.
Watch demo
Query Builder
Merge functionality
Query Executor
JSON Executor
Nikhil Bhonsle
About Me

Hello, I am Nikhil Bhonsle, creator of Mashed Datatoes.
I am a Java coder based out of Maharashtra, India.

Mashed Datatoes started as a pilot project in March 2015.
Today, in May 2021, I am pleased to offer upgraded Mashed Datatoes for the latest version of neo4j graph database.

I hope the users of neo4j graph database find this visualization tool useful.
Thank you :)

Founder, creator Mashed Datatoes 

Responsive Design

Uses bootstrap HTML, CSS and Javascript framework.

For graphs, Mashed Datatoes uses c3js Javascript library.

Works on all leading browsers and devices.

No installations necessary.


Along with http protocol, neo4j and bolt are supported for neo4j database connections.
For example, (for older neo4j versions)

Some of the Cypher aggregation functions (i.e. EXISTS) may not work with the older neo4j versions. User discretion is expected.

Query Builder

Build simple Cypher Match queries by choosing X and Y axis field values.

Apply filters, aggregate and merge data results to get desired graph visualizations.

Watch demo

Query Executor

Write, edit and run Cypher Match query. Watch demo

Allows to run a single Match (or UNION) query at a time.

Provides a very basic validation for Match query syntax.
User discretion is expected to ensure query syntax correctness.

JSON Executor

Datato JSON is a Mashed Datato visualization represented in JSON format.

This allows to save, edit and share Mashed Datato visualizations over email.

When a Mashed Datato graph visualization is displayed, it's corresponding Datato JSON can be copied from the JSON log.

Datato JSON can be run directly from the JSON Executor. Watch demo

Datato JSON doesn't need an active database connection. It has neo4j login credentials stored in encrypted format as session key (sk).
For security reasons, this encrypted session key (sk) is valid for 3 days only except for neo4j demo url, "neo4j+s://".

  • Graphs and Dashboard

    Mashed Datatotes can be viewed in two ways,

    • Single graph view
    • DASHBOARD view
    Watch demo

    Supported graph types

    Mashed Datatoes works within strict hardware limitations. Therefore, a few operational restrictions (e.g., limit of rows returned per Cypher query) may apply.


stacked bar chart

pie chart

area step chart

line chart

area spline chart

line chart with zoom